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Music is a savior.

Music is going to relieve me from stress this coming Oct 15, 2011! There is going to be a concert - a birthday concert for President Bill Clinton and my favorite frontman and guitarist will be there together with other awesome performers! And who are these faves of mine? None other than The Edge and taraaaan!!!!= BONO!!!! of U2 - the Biggest and Greatest Rock Band in the Universe! That's my opinion! LOL. And this concert will be streamed live over Yahoo! I will definitely tune in for my favorite rockers. Here's the link to that news! CLINTON CONCERT.

See you all in the concert - VIRTUALLY!

Life without music may seem to get so boring. We need to unwind from our fast-paced lifestyles to take all those stresses out of our body system. Listening to our favorite tunes helps us relax our mind, body, as well our spirit. It all depends on our preferences. Whether it's rock, acoustic, R&B, emo, classical, hiphop, religious or whatever and however we call those songs, the cozy feeling that we get makes a lot of difference.

As for me, I love listening to the music of my ever favorite band U2 - that Irish band composed of Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen, Jr. I love all of their songs and my favorites among them are With or Without You, Where The Streets Have No Name, Bad, One, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Pride (In The Name of Love), I Will Follow, Magnificent, Get On Your Boots, No Line On The Horizon, Electrical Storm. Oh my.. I can go on and on.LOL They've got so many songs because the band has been in existence for more than 30 years - successfully, continuously, composed of original manager and band members! They are really almost perfect!

But, I also listen to other artists like Duran Duran, Tears For Fears, The Police, Bryan Adams, Billy Idol, The Killers (though I like just one song of theirs entitled Somebody Told Me. LOL). I like it because the frontman Brandon Flowers looks so cute in the video! LOL

Songs that I listen to but I don't know who the artists are..oh they are a-plenty!

So, for people who are always on-the-go, always remember to relax! It's important.
Even if your gadget is an old running AM/FM radio, that'll do the purpose. You don't need to shell out money for expensive items. iTunes is free. Go to Youtube to watch and listen your favorite artists for free,too! And, if you want to have your own copies of your favorite songs, just search around the web for cheap downloads. Yes, purchase. While you enjoy them, you are also helping the artists who own those songs as well as the people they worked with along the production process.

"And you give yourself away..."

from : Title : With or Without You
Artist : U2
Album : The Joshua Tree

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